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Drawing inspiration from mindful moments, finding strength from nature

South African born Italian-Cypriot Museum Grade Impressionist Artist, who has exhibited internationally draws inspiration from her solo-treks in the wild and natural places, everywhere she can find them. While quite comfortable with intimate groups, Georgia avoids crowds and is happiest barefoot on the beach or grounding in the forests, or at home expressing herself freely through her art. 

My story

To balance my hectic schedule as a therapist, mother, daughter, and wife, I often find myself waking up before dawn to seize the opportunity to create. I wake up from a dream and feel the urge to express whatever has surfaced, usually based on my time in nature, or my impression of a significant moment. Art is my recharge, my reset button, and the source of my emotional resilience. I had amassed around 40 impressionistic paintings, which cluttered my garage before I was convinced by a close friend to exhibit them. 

The first collection went into the KWV Art Museum after a successful solo and at my next exhibition, in Oxford UK, I was talent scouted. After 2 intense years of travel and gallery exhibitions, gallery representations in New York, Monaco, Paris, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany, online with Sacchi, SelectArt, being listed in various publications as well as a second, permanent Museum exhibition in South Korea, I decided to take time out in nature to recalibrate. All the while, my love and desire to create art has grown.   
Initially, I sold my paintings to friends and family if they happened to see me painting at home, barefoot, music in the background, my little children being arty nearby. But with the exposure in the art world, that soon changed. While I struggled with crowds at exhibitions and at solo gallery representations, it lead to sales too, and my midnight/pre-dawn hobby became a business. I started to feel the artistic process was being compromised. The complete natural abandon I felt when creating was being weighed down by the pressure to perform. And I decided I was not a performance artist. I am in my heart, a quiet impressionist. So I stopped exhibiting and am more focused on the therapeutic process I experience when I am in my creative flow. My art is my voice, and all else falls away when I am in that meditative/mindful state.
 I care very much about the freedom (in a restrictive life) to be free in my creativity. My clients understand, reflect that quality, and are moved by the energy of my work. I hope you can feel it too.

Impressionism is the freedom to imperfectly express the feeling and emotion of a perfect moment.

The Corona Series

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